Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Do you often worry about what you and your family are having for dinner? In the past I remember my stomach beginning to rumble around 3 in the afternoon as I sat in front of my computer and panic set in. What are we having for dinner? That would begin the 4 o'clock exchanges between my husband, Dave and I. Uhm, I'm hungry what do you want to eat tonight? Needless to say the conversation centered around no one wanting to cook, having nothing to cook, or let's just go out to eat. Well after gaining 70 Ibs from calorie laden restaurant and fast food we realized we had to find a better solution.

We became customers of a meal preparation business called Dream Dinners. A few years later we opened our own store in Midtown Charlotte, NC.

I am happy to say that our family is no longer plagued by the nagging issue of "What for dinner?" Our store opened in January of 2007 and we have enjoyed helping our family and many other local families get a healthy and nutritious dinner on the table while saving time and money.

I am new to the blogging arena. My hope is that our blog will become a place where information, money and time saving tips can be shared.-Teisha Havnaer